For Industry, Investors and Partners

Commercializing biomedical innovation is nuanced and complex. The process for delivering life-changing care to the public requires a continuous cycle of innovation. Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation provides a bridge between academic researchers and industry and investment stakeholders, brokering engagements and alliances, engaging with and educating faculty and trainees about biomedical commercialization and business development and developing entrepreneurial programming, education, mentoring and other resources.

Technology Portfolio

Our team of top-tier business development experts works collaboratively with a network of partners to commercialize biomedical technology in verticals including therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and precision medicine, tangible properties, digital health and data assets. Enterprise Innovation’s cohesive and dynamic team aims to lead the market by developing and delivering next generation innovation in human health. Search our technologies database to discover new opportunities for partnership.

We also encourage prospective partners to explore additional technologies available from Cornell University covering a broad range of research innovations at the forefront of the latest challenges including sustainability, HiTech, agriculture, and life and veterinary sciences.  




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Artavazd Arumov, Ph.D., Vice President, Qiming Venture Partners USA
Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation is both a local and global leader in academic research commercialization. The end-to-end infrastructure significantly increases the likelihood of academic research commercialization success – from internal mechanisms that look to both educate and prepare researchers and their innovative projects for the commercialization journey, to biopharma mentorship events and prize-awarding pitch competitions, which allow for research teams to engage with key external stakeholders across the biopharma and investor community. It’s encouraging and rewarding for me to see the time and effort the Enterprise Innovation team puts into catalyzing its research community in preparation for collaborations to build disruptive biotech companies and advance new medicines in New York City and beyond.
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R. Nolan Townsend, M.B.A., Chief Executive Officer of LEXEO Therapeutics
LEXEO’s partnership with Weill Cornell represented an unprecedented opportunity to transition cutting edge science developed in a high profile academic lab into a biotechnology company, which has in turn led to novel discoveries and clinical data for several diseases of high unmet need. Weill Cornell’s high quality academic science combined with an enterprise innovation culture that fosters the transition of this technology into new companies has the potential to alter and enhance the life sciences ecosystem in New York City.
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Philip Kantoff, M.D., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Therapeutics, Inc.
As a licensee of Weill Cornell Medicine technology, we at Convergent Therapeutics have had an extensive experience with Brian Kelly and the Enterprise Innovation team. I have found the team to be highly knowledgeable, extremely professional and overall outstanding to work with.
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Gail Port, Chief Executive Officer of GeroHealth
Working with Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation has been an incredibly valuable experience. They have worked closely with GeroHealth™, helping to identify opportunities for growth and providing us with the support and resources that we need to succeed. Their commitment to collaboration and partnership is truly unmatched, working with us every step of the way.