Ignite Cornell Lab to Market

In an academic research environment, gap funding provides critical support to promising technologies and innovations that have great commercial potential but are “too early” for licensing or investment to help validate the innovation and reduce risk.

Ignite: Cornell Research Lab to Market program was launched by Cornell University to address this gap in order to accelerate technology commercialization, venture creation and growth, and corporate collaboration, create training and career opportunities for students and researchers for entrepreneurship and advance Cornell innovation for societal impact and university mission.

There are four signature programs under the Ignite umbrella and Weill Cornell Medicine-associated NewCos are eligible for participation in two of them: startup projects and intern for startups. While each unique in their applications, all programs operate with common goals to increase value and reach the next inflection point by enabling proof-of-concept projects with clear results that lead to and justify further engagement and development from investors and corporate partners, and to help grow entrepreneurs and teams for startups.

Contact Lynda Inséqué at lci2@cornell.edu for additional information. 

Past Ignite Cornell Lab to Market events

Ignite Connect 2024

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm