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The future of biotech innovation and entrepreneurship belongs to the institutions that can work collaboratively within a network of stakeholders, bridging the cultural and logistical divides between academia and industry to place the right asset with the right commercial development partner at the right time – ultimately leading to positive impact on patient care, well-being and outcomes.

Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation accelerates the translation of scientific innovation now and incubates ideas for the future – we ensure biotech innovation is brought to market efficiently by proactively working with faculty and trainees to nurture promising ideas and secure commercial development collaborations. Through education, engagement and mentorship, Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation provides a clear and realistic picture of the commercialization process for the institution’s faculty and trainees.

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Submission of a potential invention to Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) at Weill Cornell is the first formal step in the commercialization process. It is important to file an invention disclosure form with CTL well before any public disclosure, such as a publication or a public presentation, to ensure maximal protection rights for the invention.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are legally binding contracts between institutions that protect the rights of the owners of the material and the moral rights of the scientists whose work created the materials. These agreements also protect the privacy of people from whom human-derived material was originally collected.

The inventor portal offers the ability for individual inventors to access information about their disclosures, patent filing history and status and their agreements with CTL at Weill Cornell. Inventors also have the ability to export reports on all three categories. Access to the Inventor Portal is based on your secure two-step login. Only inventors have access to the portal.

Here are links to access required forms and get more information on relevant Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell University policies