About Us

Leveraging Decades of Medical Discoveries and Top-Tier Business Development Expertise to Translate Research into Next-Gen Medical Innovation

Commercializing biomedical innovation is vital for bringing new scientific discoveries to market and ensuring that life-changing research is translated into products and services accessible to the public. The future of innovation and entrepreneurship requires collaboration between a network of various stakeholders, bridging the cultural and logistical divides between academia and industry to proactively place the right asset with the right commercial development partner who can bring it to market quickly and efficiently.

Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation encompasses the entire spectrum of an effective innovation ecosystem. We engage internal and external stakeholders in the translation of emerging science and new technologies into world-class medical breakthroughs. As an entity borne of the rich history of Weill Cornell Medicine and breadth of Cornell University, Enterprise Innovation brings to bear the power of industry-leading translational research and clinical care combined with top-tier business development expertise.

Backed by a history of leadership in New York City, Enterprise Innovation is a collaborator and convener of biomedical and business talent. With a portfolio encompassing therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and precision medicine, tangible properties, digital health and data assets, we are leading the market toward the groundbreaking innovation that lies ahead.

Our Promise

Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation enables the future of exceptional care through identifying, nurturing and partnering commercially viable and life-changing medical innovations. By bridging academic research and industry commercialization, Enterprise Innovation accelerates the transformation of ground-breaking research into vital innovations to ultimately improve patient care, well-being and outcomes.

We deliver on our promise by providing end-to-end support to our innovators and collaborators through diligent execution on five key strategies:

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Arrows and text showing the enterprise innovation commercialization strategies plant, cultivate, protect, connect and collaborate.