BioVenture eLab

The BioVenture eLab is the hub of entrepreneurial activities at Weill Cornell Medicine with the mission of growing a robust entrepreneurial and company creation ecosystem and providing access to necessary resources to build the next generation of leaders and successful companies in the life sciences.

The BioVenture eLab is one of the first entrepreneurship centers in the country solely dedicated to biomedical entrepreneurship. It has worked with thousands of scientists, clinicians, inventors and entrepreneurs and has helped shape and launch biomedical products, ventures and technologies. The BioVenture eLab accomplishes its goal of catalyzing new ventures and launching products by running initiatives to help fund early startups as well as connect management, investors, industry partners and service providers to founders at Weill Cornell Medicine.

These initiatives comprise a comprehensive suite of programs, startup education courses, resources, and expertise which support the BioVenture eLab’s role as an integral partner to those within the Weill Cornell Medicine community developing their technologies and companies.

For more information about BioVenture eLab's programs, contact director, Loren A. Busby, at (917) 853-4684 or