Cornell Innovation and Venture Advisors (CIVA)

Cornell Innovation and Venture Advisors (CIVA) was launched in 2022 as an exclusive community of external experts who are provided a first look at emerging technologies and venture opportunities from Cornell University’s Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) and Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation. CIVA members include industry experts, entrepreneurs, angels and investors, alumni of Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medicine, as well as friends and partners of Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medicine.

CIVA experts are invited to a virtual meeting every quarter to attend presentations by the most promising Cornell and Weill Cornell inventors. Each advisor will be matched with innovation presentations of interest to their specialty, including technologies in life sciences, physical science and medical innovation. During the sessions, advisors will provide feedback, advice, and guidance regarding the market opportunities and commercialization strategies for the innovations.

If you are a Weill Cornell innovator interested in presenting at a CIVA meeting, please contact your representative. If you are interested in acting as a CIVA expert, please contact Kristin Valentine Behnke at