12:00pm - 1:00pm
Join Enterprise Innovation's BioVenture eLab on Thursday, June 15, 12-1pm ET for a virtual webinar co-hosted by Moses Singer LLP detailing the top ten regulatory pitfalls that life science startups often make, and how to avoid them while scaling your company. Our guests have extensive experience in this field and can help with an overview of the most important regulatory decisions for early life science startups. The virtual seminar will feature two prominent partners with Moses Singer LLP: Jason Johnson: Partner, Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Group Linda A. Malek: Partner, Chair, Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Group
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1:00pm - 2:00pm

The next webinar in OUP’s Funding and Equity Webinar Series will focus on cap tables over funding rounds and what happens to equity at exits. Panelists, Manny Stockman and Anurag Agarwal, will run through a sample cap table as it evolves from founding through possible exit scenarios. They will explain differences that may occur in high tech versus life science financings, and they will show how terms reviewed in the OUP valuations and term sheets webinar from February 2023 impact the cap table and resulting exits. Attendees will learn how dilution, increased valuation, down rounds, option pools, and liquidation preferences affect equity ownership and the possible outcomes for investors, founders and employees. Register here

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