Center for Technology Licensing at Weill Cornell Medicine

The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) at Weill Cornell Medicine team is exclusively dedicated to nurturing, protecting and commercializing innovative biomedical technologies developed by Weill Cornell Medicine and WCM-Q researchers.

With over five decades of combined experience working within New York City-based academic medical centers, the CTL at Weill Cornell team is uniquely positioned to support faculty and trainees’ efforts to translate their groundbreaking research into revolutionary care through commercial collaborations.

CTL at Weill Cornell works proactively to identify commercially promising innovations arising from Weill Cornell research, implement appropriate intellectual property protection and business development strategies, develop compelling collateral to support commercial outreach and connects researchers with resources necessary to address any gaps in the intellectual property or commercial data package.

It maintains an extensive network of commercial partners across the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, digital health and healthcare venture/investment sectors, which allows the team to source commercial relationships with the right partners, negotiate contractual frameworks that transfer rights in Weill Cornell Medicine intellectual property to the commercial collaborator for further development and provide follow-on alliance management support.

CTL at Weill Cornell collaborates closely with the Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University and offers Weill Cornell researchers access to additional resources and educational opportunities available to the broader Cornell University community.

For more information about CTL at Weill Cornell, contact senior managing director, Dr. Lisa Placanica, at (646) 962-7046 or

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