BioPharma Alliances and Research Collaborations

BioPharma Alliances and Research Collaborations generates, develops and negotiates high impact/high value translational research collaborations between Weill Cornell Medicine researchers and the pharmaceutical, biotech and venture communities, while enabling faculty to retain control of research and preserving academic freedom and values.

BioPharma Alliances and Research Collaborations maximizes opportunities to collaborate with the life science and biopharmaceutical sector in faculty-initiated and faculty-led, pre-clinical, innovation-driven, discovery-oriented research projects with translational and commercial potential. It assists the faculty to expand opportunities to engage with industry leaders and advance research their objectives by forming productive collaborations with strong industrial partners, paving the way toward developing innovative new therapeutic modalities and translational strategies.

To explore new research collaboration and funding opportunities, contact Dr. Lisa Placanica, senior managing director, Center for Technology Licensing at Weill Cornell Medicine, at (646) 962-7046 or